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    This USB wall/travel charger is unique because of its small size and user friendliness. It is the smallest charger in its category with each port able to charge all commonly used 5V USB mobile devices at optimum speed. This charger is ideally suited for fast charging a large tablet and a cell phone at the same time. It also comfortably charges two large tablets at a slightly slower rate. ‘UL’ listing and factory ISO9001 certification confirm MUXITEK’s commitment to superior quality. For more information click here.

    Purchase on Amazon at:  http://www.amazon.com/wall-charger-popular-mobile-devices/dp/B014GM3A54


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    XR141 Power Bank

    The MUXITEK™ XR141 Power Bank is one of the most advanced power banks available today. The compact design houses a 14000mah Li-ion battery which meets all the demands of power hungry iPhones and large Tablets. It uses latest technology for efficient energy transfer and incorporates sophisticated protection to ensure safe operation at all times. It has two independent constant voltage constant current outputs of 5V/2.4A and 5V/1A. A switch-mode regulator with an input current of 5V/1.5A. The device is sold by Rudert-Technologies Ltd using Amazon Fulfillment. For detailed information go to http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KI4GMZ0


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    The TESLABRUSH™ is a small hand held battery operated electronic device, which upon touching the skin produces tiny electrical impulses. The resulting stimulation is generated by an electrical field with the intent of improving skin appearance and promoting hair growth. It is the only device of its kind meeting stringent regulatory requirements for medical devices. It is available from www.newhairnewme.com

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    The EAZYTRIGGER is used worldwide in industrial equipment. It produces the gate current for thyristors and can be directly controlled by a processor. It does not require a power supply for the gate current. The compact design and the high reliability make this device the preferred choice over pulse transformers. More information on the device is found at www.bsrcontrols.com

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    The THYROMAT controls the speed of large overhead cranes and winches. The robust construction and reliable operation made this product particularly popular in developing countries including all industries operating under extremely hostile conditions such as the steel and mining industries. The product is sold by MH Automation Pty Ltd with branches in the UK and China. More information at http://www.mhautomation.co.za/news.aspx


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Rudert Technologies Ltd is a consulting company specializing in the design and manufacture of products relating to electrical power conversion. Past research and development focused on industrial equipment requiring exceptionally high reliability. Products developed by Rudert Technologies Ltd have been sold and marketed worldwide by other organizations. In 2014 the company decided to apply its extensive knowledge to the consumer market with the intent of providing top quality products at affordable prices.  The focus is on cell phone accessories and associated products. New products will be added continuously as they become available and are sold on Amazon under the trade name MUXITEK®.

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