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Dual USB wall Charger for Apple iPhone iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Nexus, Moto, Power Bank, Speaker & many more. Advanced Smart Technology & folding plug from MUXITEK®. Superior Quality. ‘UL’ Listed.


– Two 5V-2.4A ports with Advanced Smart Technology charge almost any two mobile devices at the same time at maximum possible speed. Much smaller than any 24W USB wall charger with minimal difference in performance. Superior electronic protection and excellent reliability.

– This Charger provides fast charge for a large tablet and a cell phone both charging at the same time. It also comfortably charges two iPad Air or two iPhone 6 Plus simultaneously at a very fast rate. A highly intelligent “true plug and play device” which requires no special operating instructions.

– The small size is ideal for travel and home use. It’s the perfect iPhone and iPad charger. Obviously it can also be used for such devices as Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note Edge, Note 2, 3, 4, Samsung S2, S3, S4, S5, S6 & S6 Edge, HTC, Kindle, HD, HDX, Nexus 4, 5, 7 10 and many more.

– It is ‘UL’ listed for safety and performance. Quality is assured by certified ISO9001 manufacturing and meets mandated FCC, RoHS & Energy Star requirements.

– This dual USB travel wall charger can be used with the original cable supplied with the mobile device or a 2 core cable with the correct connector. Operation with long or poor quality cables is assisted by electronic cable compensation. Two year warranty.




What makes the MUXTEK® charger so unique?

– It uses Advanced Smart Technology to charge almost any two mobile devices at the same time even two big iPads.
– Most other chargers stop working with overload and only start again after disconnecting one of the devices.
– It is ‘UL’ listed which is the only reliable proof of user safety in the USA.
– Delivering 17W with Advanced Smart Technology makes this the smallest universal 2 port charger in its class.
– In contrast even the smallest 24W charger is much bigger and offers only minor often unnoticed benefits to the average user.

Are there other benefits?

– It is made in a certified ISO9001 factory which is regularly audited by an accredited outside party. This reduces failures.
– Built in cable compensation improves charging speed with long or low cost cables.


– Input: 100 – 240Vac, 47 – 63Hz.
– Two 2.4A rated USB ports with Advanced Smart Technology.
– Simultaneous fast charge of any tablet together with any cell phone.
– Total output: 5V with 3.4A adaptive current sharing.
– With overload the charging speed is slightly reduced and charger does not turn off.
– Sophisticated protection guards against malfunction and misuse.
– Dimensions: 1.6*1.5*1.4” or 41*39*35mm
– Weight: 2.2oz / 62gr

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